Awards & Mentions
Project Team
  • Jannette Le
  • Mond Qu
  • Seung Hyuk Choi
  • Alex Wong
  • Michael Mack
  • Casey Bryant

Zumbo Chatswood

At the Zumbo store in Chatswood, you are greeted by a sea of lacquered timbers, the sugary scent of cakes, and a wall lined with cabinets. This is the wall of curiosities, which from behind the regular exterior, open up to reveal bar seating, table seating, chairs, artwork, ribbons of warm timber and bright splashes of Zumbo magenta. The cabinets each have a function, where one might open up to be a display table, and the other to be a step ladder. Everything folds neatly away at night, revealing only dimply-lit antique brass handles.

This store was inspired by the Chinese Apothecary, designed by UDMK with cabinetry by NA’CO design, and built my Mayne Retail.