UABB Shen Zhen

Urbanism & Architecture Bi-City Biennale





Awards & Mentions
  • UABB Publication
  • MSD
Project Team
  • Michael Mack
  • Paul Loh
  • Mond Qu
  • Sonny Do
  • Simeon Chua

What if the city was autonomous?

Today we live in a world where everything is within the reach of our fingertips. With a simple tap, swipe or scan, consumers drive an ondemand economy with the latest “must-have” products, swiftest delivery services and “true” love experiences. “Autonomic” imagines Melbourne, a city emerging from the demands of its occupants. Supported by a new service-infrastructure, it questions the role of design, construction and what life is like in this, autopolis.

Welcome to: the City, on Demand.

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The City On Demand

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