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Awards & Mentions
Project Team
  • Mond Qu (United Make)
  • Paul Loh (Melbourne School of Design)
  • David Leggett (LLDS/Power to Make)

A Glimpse of the Future

Making a prototype provides a means to experiment, design and evaluate an idea, or a concept. What it does is to make the future visible. While most prototypes are physical artefact, it can also be virtual and come in a multitude of media that challenge our senses: in the form of sound, touch, smell, sight and taste. Most critically, they challenge our current views of our world and the ideal of our future society.

Future Prototyping exhibition staged at the Dulux Gallery, Melbourne School of Design gathers innovative virtual, immersive and physical prototypes, that are emerging across the field of arts, design, food, engineering, and architecture in Australia and New Zealand. These prototypes demonstrate how making is changing in the 21st century through advanced technology, novel techniques and revitalisation of traditional craftsmanship. How we make define our milieu but most importantly, it provides us with glimpses into the future, one that is yet to come.

This exhibition is curated by Paul Loh (Melbourne School of Design), Mond Qu (United Make) and David Leggett (LLDS/Power to Make), and supported by the Melbourne School of Design.