Envato // Buro




Awards & Mentions
Project Team
  • Mond Qu
  • Jannette Le
  • Michael Mack
  • Matthew Greenwood

Let there be Light

We were approached by Buro to help them realize this crazy and wonderful idea they had – shards of light to enliven a space. Buro were commissioned by Envato to design a fit-out to their basement, which required some creativity in the solution. United Make were commissioned to design and fabricate the light tubes, and fabricate the seating pods.

The light tubes are fluorescents encased in a custom laser-cut structure with 3D printed joints. With each shard at a different angle, the joints were modeled and printed on-site to ensure a perfect fit – important when dealing with an existing (unlevel) floor.

The finished product is a sea of pods lit by shards of lights.

Architect: Buro
Joiner: Na’Co Design