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The story of MAS

The story of MAS begins with Gemeh and Masoneh.

A pair of young and ambitious Africans on a mission to see positive change in the World. Gemeh and Masoneh felt like something was missing in Melbourne and set out to fill their curiousity. On their pursuit for change, they discovered three important things:

  1. Diversity and Multiculturalism is the key to love and happiness.
  2. People are curious about the world and want to learn.
  3. The best way to understand other cultures is through food. The lack of Western African cuisine and spices in Melbourne meant that there was little understanding of it.

Because of these gaps, Gemeh and Masoneh felt that the solution would be to start “MAS,” A local eatery that is dedicated to provide a taste of Western Africa. from the likes of jollof rice, cassava leaf, potato green and dried rice, peanut butter soup, pepper soup, fufu, okra soup, Akyeke, Ampesie and torborgui soup. This “home” is to share the love of good food, well-being and life. Their dream is to promote Western African culture and cuisine globally which is committed to fun, family and life.

This is their journey…”

United Make were tasked with developing  brand that tell the story of MAS.