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Byron Bay

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Project Team
  • Mond Qu
  • Oliver Schrock
  • Sonny Do
  • Sebastian Funke-Kupper

Preconception Must Burn!

Meffigy is a sculpture we created for space series, which from brief to completion, took slightly over two months to create. Over 1000 unique lanyard inserts, over 20 hours of driving completed, weeks of laser-cutting and days of spray painting. Withstanding torrential rain, and succumbing to fire, this project was the complete experience and perfect test of design versatility.

In a time when our title defines who we are, this installation reignites our inner human and states that our jobs do not define what we are, we decided on who we are. This Project involves the collective of people contributing to the final form. Preconception must burn!

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Preconceptions Must Burn

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