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Awards & Mentions
  • NGV Design Week
  • MSD Publication
Project Leaders
  • Jannette Le
  • Mond Qu
  • Denis Vlieghe (Cube Zero)
  • Matthew Greenwood
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An Interactive Forest of Flowers

Oddish is a blooming interactive installation that is light responsive. To get a reaction from Oddish wave your phone light across the face of a flower and see it blossom. Be gentle and don’t poke it, this is a sensitive species.

Done as a collaboration with Cube Zero and the elective subject Tectonic Grounds at The Melbourne School of Design.

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The making of Oddish

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Jannette Le
Mond Qu
Denis Vlieghe
Matthew Greenwood


Yiheng Yang

Guests and Supporters:

Alan Pert
Donald Bates
Cube Zero
MSD Events and Exhibitions Team



Agam Raj, Amalina Aziz, Apple Huang, Arunachalam Lakshmanan, Bi Wang, Carl Areskoug, Cristina Azpurua, Elicia Jiwoo Eom, Fady Ghabbour, Frances White, Felix Zhan, Han Lee, Haoyu Liu, Hasanain Haveliwala, Heather Ward-Walton, James Goh, Jeannie Kong, Jiayun Li, Jiawei Wang, Jinhui Zhu, Jinwoo Jung, Jun Zhou, Yijia Zhang, Keryn Liew, Leigh Hampton, Michael Thorpe, Minhui Huang, Monica Sutisna, Nathania Widjanarko, Noel Surti, Olivia Imanuela, Qiqi Chen, Rebecca Yip, Rhys Jones, Ronald Wong, Sen Lin, Shavendra Goonetilleke, Shirley Kwan, Stefanie Judd, Stephanie Ng, Sookyung Lee, Su Yang Zhao, Suyi Zha, Terry Ng, Wenyi Yang, Yiheng Yang, Yong Kiat Tan, Zhengjun Tian.