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Project Team
  • Mond Qu
  • Jannette Le
  • Denis Vlieghe (Cube Zero)

‘Onyx’ the Interactive Creature

Tectonic Grounds is a course at the University of Melbourne exploring digital fabrication techniques, physical computing and rapid (laser-cut) 1:1 prototyping to deliver a 1:1 folly.

The subject has an emphasis on hands-on exploration of spatial and creative processes will challenge the role of drawing, making and constructing skills within today’s technology, defining contemporary standards of craftsmanship. The subject also investigates the application of interaction design to create a unique and personalised experience of the space.

Tectonic Grounds is based on collaboration and teamwork, focusing on creating an interdisciplinary approach to utilise computing tools (digital + physical) for architectural design.

2015 was the inaugural year for Tectonic Grounds, and students created “Onyx” a structure made from polypropylene pods. The pods were designed to maximise the material properties to allow it to span and take loads.

Onyx is a physical birth child of data input and user interaction; a Frankenstein monster of the digital and the physical. It feeds off our digital and physical inputs and in return, it gives us various forms of digital and physical response. Our interaction with Onyx keeps it alive.

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