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Project Team
  • Mond Qu
  • Sonny Do
  • Oliver Schrock
  • Sebastian Funke-Kupper

Forged from used coffee grounds.

Triplo explores new up-cycle materials, different production processes & alternative possibilities from unique making techniques.

“It is not about replication but an evolution of ideas.”

Every year, over 3000 tonnes of coffee waste is produced in Australia. Less than 5% is recycled while the rest goes to landfill which decompose and produce methane -a factor of global warming.

We as a studio have been developing this coffee material since 2015.

The design is a cluster of organic funnels at different tiers to make an iconic coffee coffee table. The unity of processes, people and cultures is what this sculptural object seeks to bring. It communicates a certain quality that lightly touches the ground. The contrasting materiality of crisp brass with a rough texture from the recycled coffee grounds makes it a piece that responds to our time.

Designed and Made in Melbourne the grounds are collected from local cafes and sun-dried before being mixed with a resin. This mixture is poured into moulds and allowed to grow and cure into their final forms.

The unique qualities of the coffee table means that every single time it is grown it would have a personalised effect.

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