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(R)evolution in Design

Mond Qu is designing a better future through insatiable curiosity. How? It’s not just his ability to blend art and science, or to combine functionality with beauty, Mond Qu is a creative crusader, challenging the processes we live by and revealing the architecture of our choices. The interplay between the digital, the physical and the human.

Founder of United Make, Mond Qu wears many hats as a designer, narrative animator, and digital craftsman. What happens when a trained architect starts challenges digital architecture? When a designer refuses to use virgin materials and instead makes objects that reduce waste, decrease pollution and repurpose what would otherwise thrown out?

How can we all embrace our creativity – one of the most sought after skills in the current age? Mond Qu says being creative is not about painting or drawing. It’s about problem-solving in a different way and collaborating with diversity to achieve a new outcome.

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Architecture as the ultimate experience machine

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